Ted Forbes

Hi and welcome to the Art of Code! This site is written as a platform for me to share various tech stuff that I work on.

About 10 years ago I started teaching web design classes at a local college. As online classes became more popular I began to face the challenge of teaching to students that I would never see in person. In an effort to improve the quality of teaching this way, I started a podcast with all of my lesson content for students who learn best by seeing how things are done. While video is a great medium for this, its hard to do quickly as text is much easier for people to scan through – particularly when reviewing information for tests, etc.

I decided to start a public blog for this information as well. This also serves for my own memory on more advanced topics like server administration. I do enough of it, but not enough to remember what I did sometimes. So this blog serve my own benefit as much as it does for the benefit of others. Plus, when people email me with questions it makes it really easy to send them a link instead of having to write things out over and over.

Other sites I maintain:
TedForbes.com – my personal site
The Public Broadcast
The Art of Photography – my photography podcast
Contrast – my online music project
Focus.nu – my photography portfolio
Blur – my photo blog

Google +

Enjoy the material and contact me if there’s something you’d like to see!

Ted Forbes